Today is a dreary rainy day. It's been raining since late morning. Normally rain is the perfect excuse to stay indoors, snuggle in the covers and watch a movie. But today has been particularly restless for me.

My big plan was to go grocery shopping. Yes, that sounds like an odd thing to be designated a big plan. But the thing is I'm running out of produce at home. Because I have limited items at home, there's little I can make in the kitchen. That's why I wanted to get groceries today. Now I'm in a Catch 22 - I can't cook because I don't have enough items, and I can't go out to buy those items because it's raining, and because it's raining I have to remain indoors and look for something to do. And for some reason, I'm very hungry today so I can only think about food!

Oh, by the way, I don't have a car here so I have to walk. And it's one of those tropical thunderstorms, so I'd be drenched. The Catch-22 continues.

So finally, finally, I've decided to be more positive instead of moping around. All is not lost. So many others are going through much more than I. What right do I have to complain and waste the day? With that, I've come up with three productive things one can do on a dreary rainy day... besides watching Pride and Prejudice for the 30th time.

1. Organize the files on my computer

I'm a terrible digital file keeper. I normally don't have a system to begin with, so that's the problem. I just keep going with the flow and develop a hodgepodge system along the way. Eventually I end up with too many folders with overlapping labels and multiple copies of the same file. It can be frustrating and nags at me every time I save or download something. So actually, this is the best time to get this straightened out.

2. Read quality articles online

None of those viral videos and Buzzfeed, please. It's not that I don't love them. On the contrary, I get sucked into them easily. So here's to being more intentional with what I read and watch... especially with so many hours to waste utilize.

3. Write

Hence this post. There are a few more items on my to-do writing list, but I figured this is a good place to start.

And there you go, my attempt to redeem the remainder of the day.

Now I'm gonna go sort those files.