New home

Hey there,

If by some miracle there are still visitors to this blog, thank you for your loyalty!
Or if you came here by chance, hello!

Just like to let you know, though, that I've since moved, and you're more than welcome to drop in at my new place.

See you there!

Honesty, mission, and the reflections thereof

I was searching through my blog for a particular post I remembered while attempting to write a personal mission statement. In doing so, other old posts popped up, and I was amused at the random things I so easily shared with others.

Then I came across this post about being honestly broken.

And two things came to mind.

  1. Wow, not bad, I can write! (Yes, yes, self-praise, but this is me reading something written 6 years ago, which time I don't remember having anything worthy to say)
  2. Where has that spark gone?
Yes, where has that spark gone? I still write - I'm a fulltime writer and editor! - but I find myself struggling with articulation much more than before. So I have actually been wondering what the deal is.

This is what I hope September to be - the month of rediscovering that spark. That's why I was nosing around with that idea of a personal mission statement in the first place!

So... I guess this rediscovery of old posts is confirmation that I'm on the right track?