As it is for anyone with unique names, I've become accustomed to the countless misspellings, mispronunciations and misunderstandings (“Oh, I thought you’re like, the Chairman of the organization”). Eventually, though, the name sticks and never leaves.

     I've come to realize that my relationship with words have similar progression.  Although I’ve always aspired to be a writer, all this time, I’ve done little more than dabble in it. The one thing consistent about my writing is its inconsistency. But after much encouragement, some coming to terms with those encouragements, and a quasi-quarter-life crisis, I am finally declaring – Yes, I shall write, and I shall commit to it.

     This blog is updated once a week. Subjects might be tweaked as I discover strengths and weaknesses. As of now, in no particular order, I will cover travels, life observations, books and movies, womanhood and my writing adventures.

     My writings are underlined by biblical values. A born-again Christian, I live life by the grace of God the Father, through the love of Jesus Christ, and with the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. On another note, I’m an avid fan of the sea, books, films, dance, chocolate, family, and my husband.

     Hi, I’m Charmain (shar-mayne; and no, there’s no E at the end), a 25-year-old Malaysian newlywed, and this is my journey as a writer. After missteps, misplaced hopes and marks of self-doubt, words have stuck and they’re here to stay.