I was searching through my blog for a particular post I remembered while attempting to write a personal mission statement. In doing so, other old posts popped up, and I was amused at the random things I so easily shared with others.

Then I came across this post about being honestly broken.

And two things came to mind.

  1. Wow, not bad, I can write! (Yes, yes, self-praise, but this is me reading something written 6 years ago, which time I don't remember having anything worthy to say)
  2. Where has that spark gone?
Yes, where has that spark gone? I still write - I'm a fulltime writer and editor! - but I find myself struggling with articulation much more than before. So I have actually been wondering what the deal is.

This is what I hope September to be - the month of rediscovering that spark. That's why I was nosing around with that idea of a personal mission statement in the first place!

So... I guess this rediscovery of old posts is confirmation that I'm on the right track?