Although I said I'd continue with the shopaholic series, I've decided to intersperse with other things as well, so my blog won't be so boring. It's the end of my first week of uni life. Met quite a number of people, some interesting and some interestingly odd. I have a feeling I'd be enjoying my time here. But I shall never forget my loverlies back home who gave me the best send-off ever.

They abducted me.

Aren't they the best? No seriously. That they actually planned it out meticulously and executed it well tell me I am worthy of their time.

So thank you Lara, Delia, Shearl, Mag, Daniel, Kings, Brian. You mean the world to me and I love you! And to the rest who couldn't be part of it, don't worry, I know you love me. hehe... ;-)


P.S. I knew where they took me in the end. They blindfolded me but I used my other senses. There's lots to learn from Sherlock Holmes. =P