So how did you spend today, the 15th and last day of the Chinese New Year? I spent most of the day unpacking and organizing my room... in PJ. Yes, classes are starting tomorrow bright and early at Monash University Sunway Campus! (Cue guy with powerful lungs.  It sounds like a trumpeted proclamation, dun'cha think?)

Anyways, as part of the move, I transferred portions of my wardrobe up. And I must say, the move itself put me in a bit of a shock. I had filled two luggages with clothes, but when I look into my closet, it looks as though nothing was ever taken out! Shocker! How did I manage to stuff that much fabric into 6 square feet of space?! No wonder I breathe a bit harder each time I move something in the closet.

On the bright side, my closet here in PJ is looking very nice indeed! The clothes are generously spaced apart, with room to spare! Will they stay that way though?

 Not gonna show full view.

I will continue with this shopaholic theme for some time more because I think there'll be more shopping mishaps along the way. Given the fact that I'd now be living in KL aka shopping haven, no doubt there would be more enticements along the way.

Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one...

I have been slow-reading (a verb I made up, use is copyrighted) a book titled Worldliness written by a bunch of church leaders and edited by C. J. Mahaney. It deals with, well, worldliness. In spite of it's frightening holy name, Worldliness has pretty good stuff, and people today will be able to relate to its topics.

But I'm too long-winded. What I mean to say is that there's this definition of covetousness I really like.

"Simply stated, coveting is desiring stuff too much or desiring too much stuff." (Dave Harvey, p. 95)

Like whoa! I get it now!