This is what I've been doing ever since the beginning of November. If you were interested, or wondering whether I've fallen off the face of the earth.

  • Traveling - Not as exciting as it sounds. It was mostly traveling between states... except the one trip to Cambodia.
  • Celebrating - Birthdays, Christmas, New Year's, birthdays, farewells... and another birthday just this weekend.
  • Cleaning - No matter how many times I re-organize my room, I find stuff that makes me question my sanity of ever keeping them in the first place.
  • Eating - Which naturally comes with celebrating... and traveling... and cleaning.
  • Bonding - It's been fun spending time with the little brother (although he sure has a lot of energy!) I'm glad for this long-term interaction, instead of only seeing him once a month.
  • Settling - After 3 years of living in two/three places simultaneously, the quieter, more focused life has been good for the body, soul and mind.
  • Romanticking - Well, given that the cute young man was leaving for work soon, much time was invested in that, ahem, particular relationship. 
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