Wow, my previous post was pretty emo, wasn't it? I didn't realize how down I was.

But anywaaays, I'm not here for another emo post. The weekend gave me a good break and I've picked up steam again. And today has been an amazing day, simply because God reminded me that He's still lovingly watching over me.

So early this morning during moral class (yes I have to take Moral Studies), my teacher announced that the coursework group project will be taking place on the 22nd of May. We're supposed to run a half-day leadership development workshop for underprivileged youths. Now I'm fine with the project. The only thing is that the workshop is the same day as Run for the Nation! How now? I checked the workshop program and noted that it started at 9am. RunNat starts at 5am but I feared my team would be slotted as one of the last teams. Desperately, I prayed for a mini miracle while at the same time thought of acrobatic ways to juggle the two.

The day went on, and I had to go to Asian Beacon's office at Atria. It's close to impossible to find parking along the shophouses outside Atria. Of course, I could park inside Atria, which I did previously, but it cost me close to RM10 each time. So again, I prayed. As I neared Asian Beacon's office and no parking spots were open, I started to give up. But next thing I knew, a car backed out right in front of the office! But wait! Oh no, there's a car in front of me and the driver's signaled to book the spot. I was so disappointed! Yet I tried to be optimistic and started looking out for any more empty spots. Suddenly I noticed that the car in front of me stopped signaling and was driving off. I paused in disbelief for a long while. Was that lot really for me? Sense returned and I quickly parked. For a good half an hour there, I was numb with amazement that my car was actually parked directly in front of Asian Beacon! Talk about WOW!

The day progressed with me sitting on the office floor sorting out magazines. I was enjoying the alone time when I glanced at my netbook screen and noticed a new email. I opened the email and guess what? It was the RunNat committee announcing the schedule, and my team will be running from 7.00-7.40am! Double WOW! Now I can make it for both events!

If you think those two providential happenings are already amazing, I haven't told you of how, between moral and magazines, I was mournfully noticing the lack of colors in my purse. Living in KL sure is costly, I thought to myself.

But some hours later, I unexpectedly got last month's pay (I thought it would come next week).

Sometimes God gives me these little miraculous treats, I wonder what I did to deserve them. Why the 'special' treatment? Then I remember He's my Father. He's good just because He wants to, and just because He is. Reflecting on how small my faith was, all I can do is humbly say thank you. What more can I say?