Apparently Wednesdays are my 'lucky' days. I had another eventful day yesterday, a stressful one, but by God's grace I made it through.

It started like any other day. Wait, rewind. It started like any other okay-my-assignments-are-due-today day. I had two due at 5pm. But I wasn't worried. I finished one on Monday, so that only needed polishing and referencing. And the other was a video assignment. I'd gone through the footage and selected parts I wanted. Since Wednesdays are my free-est, I planned 3 hours on each assignment - 6 hours of relaxed refinement.

So I started on the video. The three hours went like a breeze. I was just about done and ready to convert when suddenly... the program hanged. AAAAAHHHHH!! Nothing was saved! Noooooo...

It was partly my fault, and partly isn't. While working on the editing, I had regularly rendered the video to save the formatting. With that I assumed that it meant saved in the project automatically. But it sure wasn't that way. Now I had to spend more time on the video and less on the essay. I was so depressed, I really felt like crying. But somehow I composed myself and asked God for strength, peace, and to extend the time. Thank God for Lindley and Victor for their timely text messages, I really needed the support. And also for Melody for being my buddy in the lab.

By His hand, I completed the video within an hour and finalized it the next half hour. That left me with only an hour and a half for the essay. In that disconcerted mindset, I thought I had a lot to go through. But, as I went through my essay, I noticed there wasn't really much to do. I tell you when you're pressured, your mind works in overdrive!

Amazingly, time did extend, and I could submit both assignments at 5pm. I don't know if they're high-distinction worthy, but I believe I gave my best. Distinction or not, still I really thank God for His sustenance. The Christian Fellowship meeting that evening was so refreshing. In fact, the first lyrics we sang was 'Refresh my heart, Lord'. And Hannah Yeoh (Selangor state assemblywoman) was our speaker. Although I heard the same message twice, it still moved me. I'll write about that next.

I joined the gang for dinner after, and as a bonus, I bought a kebab and was given another for free! RM4 for both yo! God's so cute la. =)

Lesson of the day is: Never assume something is saved. But if all else fails... Jesus saves!

Not being able to find any picture related to my topic, I decided to post a random one. 

P.S. Thank you Mummy for praying for me! =)