It was Resurrection Sunday, late morning. The large hall echoed with the pastor's voice as I stared at the still-blank note page trying not to think of the chill. The pastor began to read from Luke 24. I flipped through the thin pages of my pocket Bible, found the passage and began to read as well. Then I was captured.

"And they told what things were done in the way, and how he was known of them in breaking of bread." -- Luke 24:35.

It was from the passage where two disciples were walking to Emmaus, and Jesus joined them along the way. The disciples were sorrowful and perplexed; not only did Jesus die 3 days ago, but that morning they found his tomb empty. Where could His body be?

Jesus, rose from the dead and still not known to them, then explained from the Scriptures everything about Himself. He walked with them to Emmaus, and after persuasion agreed to join them for dinner.

Then, when Jesus took the bread, blessed, broke, and gave it to them, the eyes of the disciples were opened.

Now what got me thinking was this: Why is it that Jesus was revealed only at the breaking of bread? What is the significance?

Later that day, I posted this thought to my mother and sister, who surprised me by saying that that was the very same verse that caught their attention. Must be the message of the day. We sat back on our brown sofa, praying and sorting through our own thoughts. Then my mom had the revelation.

Jesus was revealed only at the breaking of bread because they were communing with Him.

We may be walking with Jesus, talking to Him even,
but it is only when we commune with Him
- that is, to pause, focus on, share with, fellowship intimately with Him -
it is only then when Jesus is truly revealed.