For the past few weeks, I haven't been able to communicate with my father. Not that we're fighting. It's just that it takes 14 days or so to sail from China to Los Angeles (how cool is that!). Now usually, we have been able to keep in touch via emails on a daily basis. This time though, the satellite and computer systems were completely down, hence there was no way whatsoever to contact my dad or anyone else on board.

I was not used to not knowing. Is he okay? Where is he? Would the weather be fine? Will there be problems when he makes port? Imagine that when my parents were courting, they had to wait weeks, sometimes months before they received any letters from each other. And imagine the times way before that!

There is something to learn from this. I have been too used to instant responses and gratification. This new generation have been used to immediate answers. A half hour passes and we start questioning and re-questioning the slowness of a reply. We don't have as much patience as we should have. And we don't have as much faith. For it takes faith to believe that a letter will appear in the mailbox regardless of the length of time. It takes faith to believe that one will see again the face of a loved one even though no news arrives from him/her. Faith was more steadfast, and stronger too.

Perhaps we should not just know, but should actually discipline our faith and patience. Perhaps we should sometimes remove ourselves from the world wide web and the cellphone for a time. Perhaps we would better appreciate the many blessings already here and still to come. Perhaps we would be more focused. Perhaps our flimsy faith would be replaced with a steady kind. Perhaps I shouldn't use perhaps, but surely.

The good news? My dad arrived safely yesterday. Was good to hear from him. Was glad to see my mom relieved and happy. Thank you Jesus.

How is your faith today?