Today was the beginning of my fifth week here. Yes, I have been in Miami for a month. Can you believe this? I can't. Honestly, my time here has been both fast and slow. I've been doing so many things and meeting so many people I can't believe it's only 4 weeks. Then when I think about home, I can feel the distance. Like totally.

So what can I say about my stay here thus far?

1. I'm enjoying my classes! Aiyo, Charms, of all things, you start off with the studies? But... but... I'm a nerd! So yes, I'm taking Public Policy and Administration, Elementary Spanish, Newspaper Editing and Layout, and Photojournalism. I have more homework than assignments, which when accumulated on paper looks a lot, but somehow I feel the workload is easier than Monash. Strange eh. Maybe one thing is because it's a 15-week semester. And I save a lot of time from living on campus.

2. I'm feeling all things Latin! I'm so glad I'm finally learning Spanish, which turned out useful yesterday. Hehe. I hear people speaking Spanish everywhere man. What's more, I know a group of exchange students from Spain. Oh and did I mention I'm learning salsa? And I went for zumba today. Maybe there's a purpose why I'm learning all things Latin.

3. There are people from all over the world here. Dutch, Sri Lankan, Czech Republican, Spanish, German, British, Chinese, and Americans of course from across the states. It's nice to get to know people, although I do get moments of culture shock. All comes with the experience, I guess. One thing I know is there are so many people to visit next time. LOL!

4. UM has a very beautiful campus! There are trees and grass everywhere. Squirrels and ducks. I walk under the sun more there than I do at home, which I love. Now this is one thing Malaysia could definitely benefit from. And the facilities! There's a cinema free for students. There's a huge wellness center with a cool gym, pilates room, jogging track, indoor and outdoor courts, swimming pool, sauna, and multipurpose rooms. I can assure you, I'm making the most of the facilities!

5.Food's pretty good here (bacon and brownies!), but I so totally miss seafood!! Fish! Sotong! Lala! And although salads are always healthy, I'm craving chai tan, chai sim, tauge, kangkung, and all the many greens available at home. Strange cravings, but when I was watching WongFuProduction's video on ramen cookoff (actually it's just maggi mee la, but they refer to all as ramen), wow it looked so good! Reminds me of my cousin Ben, he always makes maggi mee look so delicious.

6. Sometimes I still can't believe I'm actually in the States and thousands of miles away from home.

So that's it for now. I will try to update more often now that I've settled down. And as for the 30-day challenge, I'll try to post on it every few days. Nag me if I don't!

Missing you all back home!
Much loves