the dawn breaks.
where are the trees? I see cars.
where are the birds? I hear roars.
where are the living? hiding inside.
where is life?

then I hear cries,
the cry of joy,
the cry of sadness.

sadness - tears be ashamed,
as colors of the rainbow
watch him fade away.
shovels work, earth crumbles.
tears, remember
his eyes. his wit. his dramatic pauses,
now but memories
but memories of a life
breathed, shared, dreamed.

oh dreams! that which we call hope
then remember I the tears of joy
he waited. she waited.
what pain forbear for hope unseen.
3.4 kilos at 9.11am
what dreams will he have?
what memories will he make?

goodbye, Benjamin McKay, sir.
hello, Benjamin Shearman Lian.

happiness. and sadness.
to everything there is a season.
a time for every purpose under heaven.

a life taken.
a life given.
to celebrate a life.
to celebrate life.