Three days after and I've only just recovered from camp. Monash Christian Fellowship Camp, that is. I loved camp. The speaker was exceptionally good. My notes from the sessions are everywhere, but thankfully, the messages made such an impact, I can recount most of it by heart. The passages about salt in the Bible have so much more meaning now.

In other aspects, well let's just say I'm looking forward to a camp one day in which I am not involved and thus be able to enjoy fully. I felt like I was on 'mommy mode' for 4 days, and it was really tiring.

Yet I am grateful for the experience. Of being in the committee but not leading, rather allowing others to lead. Of overcoming the many hiccups and emerging the other side wiser. Of leaning to work as a team. Of understanding the perspective of another. Of the importance to never lose focus on God.

the committee

Thank you to my fellow committee members who worked day and night for the camp to happen. Thank you to all who came and I trust you left for the better. Thank you to the CF committee who placed their trust in our plans.

And thank you to God. He taught me more than I can say. =)

Here's to many more exciting times in Monash.

the campers
[pictures from Christopher Sam]