I know I was supposed to blog about my birthday. That will come. But for now, this is part of my self-reflection journalism assignment I thought of sharing with you. Enjoy. =)

I had an interview for my third assignment today, and it was an interesting one. It was not one of those interviews which left me depressed and angry because of the state of our nation. Contrariwise, I left an hour later inspired.

Why inspired? Because my interviewee spoke of hope. Yes, we were talking about things related to the political. Oh, the corruption, the injustice, the propaganda, the manipulation! All so true! But he mentioned that negativity starts with us. We have heard, nay, been drowned in cries and complaints against these woes, to the point that we just run away and seek solace away from it all. Either that or we go around spreading the anger and prophesying the end. Maybe now it’s time to switch gears.

Should we mope around as if it’s doomsday? Or should we rise up and BE that future? Why not be that light in the darkness? We young ones especially have got the energy, the sharp minds, and just enough recklessness to make things happen. My interviewee has shown me that there are ways to contribute to our community, insignificant as they may seem. It’s scary, but it’s possible.

Looking back at the past 13 weeks of lectures, tutorials, cameras, sweat and tears, I have learned a lot, as many of us did. There were times when I questioned my decision in picking journalism. I have always had a half-hearted interest in journalism, partly because of my quiet disposition, and partly because of the risks it requires. So halfway through this unit, I was dead-gone sure I’d never be a journalist when I ‘grow up’. But I kept getting thrown into ‘journalistic’-inclined situations again and again, against my will.

Yet in the second half, I began to see that journalism is not all about sorrow. And it’s not just about learning confidence, punctuality, etc. I see now that this is just another opportunity to make that little difference. I don’t have to be a pessimistic reporter. I can be that avenue for the public to learn of other worthy persons. I can be a voice to the voiceless.

I do not yet know what field I would be in after I graduate, but I know I would be in journalism someway or another. The specifics will come in time. It’s a long way down, but I am willing to jump off the cliff if need be.

If I can believe that there is hope for Malaysia, I can believe that there is hope for journalism.