Before we proceed further with 2010,
this is my list of things I'm grateful for,
for 2009.

1. My job that provided finances, experiences, and time (to do other things =P).

2. My family who stood by me, cared for me, and admonished me when I needed it.

3. My friends who listened, were honest, and encouraged.

4. Friends whom I got to know better and with whom I had incredible fun.

5. MYPG-ers who inspire me with their lives, testimonies, and dreams.

6. The many opportunities I had to travel, meet new people, and learn.

7. Asian Beacon for giving me a chance in writing and editing.

8. Those little desires of my heart given freely. Good food, good clothes, good health - no want lacking.

9. The trials that challenged me to rise above.

10. God, His faithfulness, lavish love, and belief in me when I wanted to give up.

Thanks to you, my 2009 was a multicolored canvas. =) 
Let's continue painting this year!