I know, I know, my blog's pretty boring. During the day I have all these ideas, then when I'm staring at the screen, my mind goes blank.

Anyways... how was your weekend? I did a lot of bumming, which is why it's awesome. Now I am prepared for the busy week ahead.

Went jogging at 7pm today. I'm so gonna jog more. It's actually quite liberating, you can't help feeling happy after a good jog. It's good for the stamina too. One day I want to be able to run long laps and not just jog.

I came across an album of photos taken during last year's Christmas. It's August, and you know what?

I'm already excited about Christmas. =)

the red sofa

getting into position
Sam giving some kind of instruction

tada! the Oh cousins (missing a few)

I love my family. =)