Last night, I dream that I was at some kind of camp. Why do I like to dream about camps? Anyway, I had to run some errands in town, so I cycled. And it was so tough to cycle. Didn't help that I was rushing for who-knows-what. I wondered why, and found out that my tires were flat. So I had to stop by some alleyway and find a pump. I managed to fill my tires... using a welder. Don't ask how.

Then there was something about that rotating thingy you use to hang your laundry. We were supposed to use that and a piece of cloth to make a mountain!

Lastly... you know how some sitcoms have live audiences? Well, I appeared at some old dodgy studio supposedly to be part of that audience. There were only 6 rusty foldable chairs surrounding a small projector screen. Got cobwebs and lotsa dust too. I don't know what I was supposed to be watching because my phone started singing.

Yeap, I found my dream soooo interesting I just had to share it with you. hahahahah....