While driving home from paying my EPF contribution (yes, I have EPF, gonna retire soon!), I passed a young boy in a grey Kembara. He was around 9 who had a toy gun in his hand and was leaning out the window. All into the game, he looked for prey to hunt. And when he saw me, he lifted the gun to aim at me.

Now usually when I see a kid in the next car, I'd wave or smile. This time, though, I stopped in the middle of a wave. Instead, I raised my index finger to mean to say, "Cute game, but it's not very nice." Then I passed his car and forgot about it. A bit farther on, his car passed me again. And when I looked I was taken aback. For now the boy was looking at me with a frown and waving his index finger at me, an adult, meaning to say "No, you're gonna get it."

And suddenly I had a glimpse of a future terror. One who had no care save for whether you've offended him. One who's bent on revenge and rage. One with hunt on his mind. One who has no conscience.

Is this the next generation? More fear? Or can we - rather, are we going to do something about it?