If there's one person I know who's an excellent leader, it's my father.

Maybe I sound like a little kid who believes her dad is a superhero. And you know what, maybe I am that little kid... albeit with a more realistic view of what a hero is.

But anyways, I nominate my father with confidence because I've been blessed with first-hand knowledge of how my dad operates in his workplace.

  • He's level-headed. When two ships are near the point of collision, and everyone's frozen into shock, my dad's calm enough to make that life-saving command.
  • He's wise. It's not easy to manage 35 people who are sleeping, eating, and working in the same place for 6 months. Neither is it easy to handle immigration procedures, safety laws, quality work, and office politics sometimes all at once.
  • He's honest. He really is. Sometimes it's hard to tell him a secret. But it's more than that. My dad can't stand corruption, and in a environment where a lot is going on, he's always fought to uphold the rule of moral standard.
  • He's intelligent. It's amazing how many details he can remember from history, current world politics, and random movie trivia (which is where I got it from! the movie trivia, I mean.) Oh and he's an excellent teacher.
  • He thinks of others. In spite of all the operational workload, his first concern is the safety of his crew and the consideration of their families back home.
  • He's humble. When things don't quite go right, he can get worked up. But he's always the first to apologize or acknowledge his mistakes. And the guy who can say sorry is a real man indeed.
So here's a little tribute to my daddy. Love you! =)