I subscribe to a webzine called Boundless. It's for single people, and so dealing with single people, talks a lot about relationships and marriage. Today while reading the blog, I came across one of the webzine's old posts on qualities that would make one marriable.

If I haven't told you, I should say now that this relationship/marriage issue always gets to me. And I've decided I'm going to be more open about it on my blog. So yes, out of the spur of the moment, I'm going to give my take on the 10 qualities that was listed (and along the way hopefully discover if I am indeed 'marriable').The first listed was:-

1. Contentment
I realize that contentment does not mean complacency. I imagine complacency as a little kid on a parkbench who somehow got so taken up by the magnificence of the bench grains that when his father comes to take him away, he refuses. He doesn't trust that his father, who actually wanted to take him to the playground, has funner plans in mind.

Contentment also doesn't mean impatience. Impatience is like the little kid who heard that his father had a surprise for him, but instead of waiting, runs off to find the surprise on his own. He gets lost, the father gets worried, and in the end, because no one is in the mood any longer, the surprise doesn't happen or fails.

So what is contentment? Contentment is but like the little kid who is on the bench who knows his father has a surprise, but is willing to wait for his daddy to come show the way. Meanwhile, he might as well feed the birds and watch the ripples in the pond. But when his father comes, he's ever ready to follow.

I wonder if I make sense to you. But this is the only analogy I can think of now.

Am I contented? Honestly, I have a tendency to be the impatient kid. I keep wanting to run off ahead of my daddy. This year, when I feel finally ready to be involved in love again, God says, "Give 6 months to Me". I'm then like, "But I'm going to be 22... That's OLD!"

But I've really grown a lot this year. Through His pruning, I can finally say, "You know what? My desire for marriage is still as strong as ever. But I've finally learned what it means to trust God with my love life. I finally see that His timing and the person He's chosen - can only be the best."

So contentment is trust. Am I contented, then? I can sincerely say - I am.