Dear readers,

Some time ago, my need to blog fizzled.

I just couldn't think of anything blog-worthy. Okay, there were times when I couldn't wait to record incidents down. Somehow though, those stories would end up in my journal, and I would end up blank in front of the screen. Thoughts of closing the blog down crossed my mind, but with that also came the feeling that I didn't finish what I started. So I still want my blog... But what should I do?

Then one day, I read an article on blogging and how it's better to blog with a focus or theme.
"That's it!" The lightbulb turned on in my head. "I shall have a focus to my blog, and then wham! It's sooo gonna change the world!!"

Well maybe not the world, but at least a teeny tiny little impact on someone's life? [insert puppy-dog-eyed sheepish grin here]

So. Focus. Check. Now... what is that focus again? I started listing suggestions but couldn't narrow it down. It was like I decided I wanted cheesecake, but now you're putting 15 different slices of cheesecake before me, and telling me I can eat only one. So much for focus.

I did what I thought best -- pray. I prayed that He'd show me which focus He wanted. That same week, a friend came down to visit, and I expressed my sentiments to him, simply as a conversation topic. Suddenly he spoke up. (note: due to lack of memory, conversation may be paraphrased)

"How about writing for women? Young women, teenage girls."

I had a ready comeback.


"Yeah, write to the female audience. Write about... being... a woman after God's heart."

OoOOooooooo... I spent the next few days thinking it over. Then I remembered how I used to be zealous in the pursuit of defining a woman after God's heart. I read books on womanhood, jotted down inspirational quotes from inspiring women, and even did my senior research project on women in ministry.

When and why did I lose sight of this?

I can't remember, but I realized that this was God's answer to my prayer. Hallelujah! Chocolate cheesecake it is!

So this is what it is. I'm going to commit at least 6 months on this project, this focus, and see where this leads me. I truly hope that some good would come out of my words. As I embark on this writing adventure, I pray that you pray alongside me, and bear with me as I master ze art of blogging.

May you be blessed.

P.S. I chose cadence as the blog title because I mean it to be God's heartbeat, and just as we must stick to the timing in any dance, likewise should we strive to keep in time to His rhythm.