No, I'm not down with dengue. Thank God!

Okay, so on Tuesday night, my joints started aching. Wednesday morning it got pretty bad, so I went to the doctor. She took some of my blood for testing. It was the first time someone has ever extracted my blood, so I was intrigued while watching her with the needle. I started thinking about Twilight, and just can't imagine how anyone can drink blood. *scrunched up face here* Man, was my blood dark!! Means that there's not enough oxygen; therefore, not healthy. sigh.

I had to wait half a day for the results. It was a strange feeling, actually, to lie around knowing you have something, yet not knowing if it's just bad or very bad. I had sufficient hours to think about what I would do or need to do if I had dengue. I wasn't worried. It was more like I was preparing myself for practicality.

Anyways, 5:30pm came, she called, and my platelets was 210. Phew! For once, I was happy to pop tons of pills (antibiotics, fever, joint pain, vitamin C) a few times a day. It's been more than a week since my fever first came. My body feels weird still. I didn't have fever yesterday, but right now I'm feeling a bit warm. What kind of virus is this lah???

Ah well, just so long it's not dengue. Thanks to you concerned friends who checked on me. Sorry it took me so long to update. I was too tired to even type.

A Happy Lunar New Year to everyone!
(Can't believe I wrote so much about falling ill)